Friday, May 17, 2002

hot sexy hobbit at bridge of Khazad-dum
You just kinda have to read it. Yes, and it's only to smile one of those inside smiles which happen when something is funny to YOU and nobody else.

That might only be funny to you (snivel) Tolkienites, but this here thing is fun for all ages. Maybe I'll be on there some day, instead of just scribbling on this blog.

For all you going to watch Attack of the Clones this weekend, I leave you with a quote from a friend, who went with me to see it at Thursday's midnight showing:

"Yoda OWNS your weak ass. Yes, yes he does. He totally does."

Thursday, May 16, 2002

Attack of the Clones
So I went, and I saw.

Let me take a trip down Memory Lane. I, like a lot of Star Wars fans, got burned badly by The Phantom Menace, thinking it would be THE GREATEST MOVIE IN THE WORLD, since it was the first installment of THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD ON FILM. I don't know what we were all expecting, but what we did get was a lot of nine-year old prattling, stiff acting, and a script emptier than a keg after an Irish wake. The best thing you could say about it was "well, Darth Maul was cool. And the podrace."

We'd gotten burned, and like jilted girlfriends, George Lucas had some explaining to do.

So I came to Attack of the Clones with a little anxiety, a little hesi-hesitation. I prepared myself. I didn't read any of the hype, any of the trailers, any of the news stories. I figure, if George is gonna win me back, then give him a fair shot at it.

I came out of the theater this time and said "Man. That was good."

Don't get me wrong. It's not perfect. But it's good. For 2.5 hours in the thick of Wednesday night, I forgot about being unemployed, about considering grad school, about everything except spending a few hours back in that Star Wars universe.

I will say one little tiny spoiler thing: the noise that the seismic charges make is the greatest noise in the world.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Sony to Cut PlayStation 2 Price by $100
Yes, that "WOO!" you just heard was me. I really don't know why someone won't just buy me one of these.

So the funniest story from last night was when a bunch of my old school buddies and I decided to go out to Barleycorn's, which is a fine drinking establishment in Lincoln Park. We were talking too loudly, having a great time, and out of the blue, this middle-aged woman comes up to talk to us. Turns out that she's from Scotland and has her eye on one of our group. So by this point, whatever buzz I had going pretty much died a horrid death. When you see a middle-aged woman come up to a bunch of rowdy 20somethings in a Lincoln Park tavern, you know 1) she's been drinking, 2) whatever she's thinking is gonna gross you out, and 3) it'll make a great story that you'll be talking about for weeks. Which we did when we came stumbling out after last call. The weird thing was that she came over allegedly because she heard us talking about Catholic school and how naughty and unchaste the girls could be, and she "apparently" took exception. I'm not really sure, that Scottish brogue got in the way of everything. She coulda been telling us how to stew haggis, for all I knew.

Oh, and I'm going to see Attack of the Clones at midnight tonight, with all the freaks. I am considering bringing my bamboo kendo sword and challenge those Jedi wannabes in the parking lot to a real duel, but we'll see what mood I'm in when I get there.

Monday, May 13, 2002 presents U2's BOUDOIR:::::...
Oh HECK yeah! Now you can dress up Bono like you always wanted to. Although Adam probably would have just let you.
I am beginning to feel like a blog is your own personal Internet mood ring. For me, at least. Which must make for pretty nauseating reading.

Ever feel like a complete fraud?

Hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day. Mine stuffed me full of food. Food = love.

Sunday, May 12, 2002

I'm all for public nakedness for the sake of a good laugh, but diving into second with no cup is a bad deal.