Friday, February 21, 2003

Lucasfilm & Cartoon Network Announce: Star Wars: Clone Wars
This sounds like one of those cool things that can end up being really lame. But the guy who'd do the cartoon is the same guy who does Samurai Jack, so there is still hope.

In other news, Dr. Octopus has been cast for the Spiderman sequel in 2004.

For those of you who haven't seen Mike Tyson's new facial tattoo. That idiot is gonna get all to' UP this weekend.

It's not gonna work, but Miriam Fisch is my hero for snapping back at movie theatre chains for those damn commercials before the movie. But it's not gonna work.

Bonnaroo Music Festival
Happening June 13-15 in Tennessee. Confirmed performers like the Dead, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Widespread Panic, James Brown, The Roots, Sonic Youth, and a whole mess of drugs.

Organs have been found for that girl who had organs donated only to find them incompatible with her blood type.

So WinterFest is this weekend, which means a lot of what I had to do for work is over. Good and bad, I guess, because there's no point in showing up if there's no work. On the other hand, Greg can't afford to pay me forever, so maybe it's good for both of us if I get a little respite. Whatever. Can NU get back to me so I can get on with my life. Also, I sort of wish I could turn in my body for a new one, like I did with my cellphone yesterday. "Yah I don't like this one, what better deal can I get." Cuz my leg is STILL hurting. Aren't you supposed to get better as time passes? I have to start doing something more about this. I don't want to be a gimp anymore.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Medical Residents Limited to 80-Hour Week
So it's not quite such a sweatshop anymore. How bad is it that you have to require an 80 hour work week?

Anti-Bush T-Shirt Banned at Mich. School
The second sure-fire, lead-pipe lock of a lawsuit of the week.

Microsoft going after Hotmail spammers
Microsoft might win the battle, but spammers have already won the war.

The Stranger wants all the pro-war and anti-war people, everybody, to shut up. "Nobody gives a crap what anti-war or pro-war writers think. Really. So shut up. That goes double for poets. Shut the hell up, poets. Everybody just shut up." Although they are all for the Onion, which is reporting that Iraq and Kentucky are vieing for world shooting-in-the-air supremacy. "Whether shooting to celebrate a successful moonshine heist from neighboring kinfolk or the downfall of an imperialist Western regime, Kentucky and Iraq bring an undeniable passion and pride to their craft."

Got a new cellphone, so bye bye crappy Voicestream service. At least I hope. I am craving Mexican food. I missed my deadline for sending in my timesheet, so I won't get paid for awhile (CRAP I'm stupid).

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Sorry. Blogger was broken for awhile.

Girl tops transplant list after error
Pretty much the stone-cold lead-pipe lock lawsuit of the century. Man, I hope they find some organs for her.

Song(s) stuck in my head: Stevie Wonder, "Superstition". Also "We're Going to be Friends" by the White Stripes.

Check out some samples from the Wonderlic Test, used among other things to test the intelligence of NFL prospects before the draft. Not exactly the SAT.

Saw a replay of the 2002 World Series in Poker on ESPN. The funniest part is how they stack the piles of cash on the table while the last 2 dudes are playing it out. Some sort of psychological torture looking at $3 million in 100s mountained in front of you. Then flipped over to watch the Lakers/Rockets. Kobe8 goes for fitty-two, throwing up gaudy, Black-Jesus-circa-1986 numbers.

Went to an information session about Northwestern's Masters of Science in Education program. I feel more like my academic record and GPA is going to hurt my chances, but whatever. I'm a little mad because I think I found out some things that would have behooved me to know earlier, and I have no one to blame but myself. At least I know now. Also noticed that all the hotties are in the elementary education program, not in my secondary education section. Dang.

I am going to take advantage of Columbia House's 5 DVDs for 49 cents offer. Anybody have thoughts to share about good DVDs, feel free to share. The first 5 I'm getting are Shawshank Redemption, Saving Private Ryan (not great DVDs but great movies), Zoolander, Vanilla Sky and Amelie. They do not have stuff I want like the 2 disc version of Fight Club, the bootleg cut of Almost Famous or the special edition Memento. DVDTown has good reviews and easter eggs and generally good stuff on DVDs.

Want to see what your first name looks like in Chinese letters? Probably not so thrilling for those of you who are Chinese.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Humans Taste Good to All Lions, Not Just the Sick
Good to know. And I thought I just had to be scared of wild hippos.

Must be Monday again, cuz there's new Strong Bad email.

Tired. There is an open house seminar type deal going on at Northwestern tomorrow for the Masters in Education program, and I'll be going despite my relative indifference to whether I get into NU or not. I figure I should go and be better informed, at least. I also asked one of my friends (also interested in teaching) to come with me, so I don't shirk out of it. Cuz if it was just me going, I probably would.

Monday, February 17, 2003

Went over to my friend Todd's place to hang out with him and see his new kid, Lauren. She gurgled and made faces and farted a lot and generally was a very cute, well-behaved 5-week old. We even got to take pictures of her and me. Here's a baby picture of the universe, seconds after it was created, pieced together by the good folks of NASA.

Got to talk and catch up with old friend Genie in NY, while she looked out the window at all the snow coming down. Hope she can dig out of it tomorrow.

I haven't shared a story about my brother in awhile. He's doing good down at Champaign, altho the snow has gotten to him. Among the many things college has changed about him are his bathroom habits. When he was home, he was pretty much a big girl about his bathroom habits. He took 30-minute showers, had all his face washes and rinses and generally was a gigantic pain in the ass with all his personal fussy grooming. But going to college and being forced to share a nasty bathroom with less-than-congenial hallmates has changed all that. One hallmate apparently spends about 18 hours of the day in the bathroom. Another guy apparently uses anything but the toilet to urinate. So. My brother, being the sensible kid he is, decides to spend as little time as possible in there, and it has brought him back to within a normal range of concern with hygiene, back with us mortals. He apparently schedules his showers very late at night, and to coincide with when he knows he'll see this cute girl in his fellowship. So basically once a week.

Here's another story about the unwashed masses. Where's Triumph when you need him? In related news, Mike Tyson apparently has a tattoo on his FACE.

Got the sliderule out and started work on the fantasy baseball rankings. Satisfaction.