Friday, September 27, 2002

Scientists Grow Pig Teeth in Rat Intestines
...and still no cure for cancer.

The baseball season is over this weekend. Good riddance. My mom is coming back home this weekend from Korea. Good.

How to crack cryptic crosswords. Those things are hard, but nothing like trying to decipher Dubya.

Multi-player Online Game Directory
These are usually free. Go in and mock the unwashed masses.

Hoo boy, clay-shooting!

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Lord of the Rings Scenes to Debut on AOL
Trailer debuts on 12:01 AM on Monday September 30.

I'm thinking of compiling some interviews together to cobble together what people went through in the past year. Not that anybody would be interested in reading something like this, except me. I feel this magical connection to being 25, and the things that happened to me in my 25th year. Anyway. I'm still thinking about whether it's viable, and who would volunteer for something like that.

Why stop with a muppet with AIDS? This guy has a few, eh, creative ideas.

Chupacabras Reappears In Puerto Rico
Not likely.

I've seen insane things on the Internet, but the TimeCube guy takes the cake. The geeks at Metafilter are tossing it around.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Frito-Lay to Eliminate Trans Fat in Popular Brands
Fatties everywhere rejoice. The best quote:

"It's nice to see that Frito-Lay is starting to worry about the nutritional profile of its snack foods," executive director Michael F. Jacobson said in a statement. "It should worry, because many of its products are high in fat and largely devoid of vitamins and minerals."

Getting hungry? Try a Lefse. What's a Lefse? Imagine a tortilla. Now, make it larger, more fragile, and more flavorful, made with mashed potatoes instead of flour. Butter it. Sprinkle with sugar and roll tightly. Eat. Pass out. Die.

I realize that I don’t like doing things by myself. I’d rather do things with people, even though I’m not the most extroverted. But there are definitely times that I don’t go out and do things because I know I’d have to do them alone.

When you’re poor, you’re grateful for every kindness that’s done to you, because you don’t expect anything. Even a Dog-in-a-Shell.

Happy 2nd birthday to the Presurfer and the Everlasting Blort.

Take the Gullibility Test. I did terribly.

What IS this? Some Universalist minister tried to build a deity, like Frankenstein built a creature, guided by the spirits.

News in brief from western Pennsylvania
September 24, 2002

A 17-year-old girl who ingested a hallucinogenic weed commonly found in backwoods throughout the nation was found wandering the streets early Monday.

The girl, who was not identified, said she and a friend ate seeds from jimsonweed, which they found along a road after learning about the plant from the Internet. Her mother said police found her daughter around 4 a.m. wandering the street.

"I thought it would be safe because it's natural," the girl said Monday at Cresson Township police offices. "There aren't any chemicals or anything in it."

Authorities said the plant is so common it doesn't even have a street value. Cresson Township Police Chief Ken Gilpatrick said some symptoms include dilated pupils, thirst, panic and delusions.

Officers are now warning parents about the plant.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

This is just a little photo essay, a family who take photos of themselves each year on the same day. Sort of nicely illustrates the progression of time.

We had a farewell gathering for a friend, who's going back home to New Zealand. The lot of us being culturally ig'nant Americans, cracks about koalas and Vegemite ruled the evening.

Currently reading: Dark Night of the Soul, St. John of the Cross (Spanish mystic)

Unhappy about the current political leadership? Sick of leaders who can't speak proper English? Why shouldn't John Cusak be Prez?

What IS this? Wesley Willis: 350 Pound Schizophrenic Lyrical Messiah
The best quote is: "At first listen, Willis is a headshakingly awful musical experience. Crappy synthesizer accompanies his rants from another dimension that's below the quality of your average Nintendo game. But there's an honesty to his madness that makes him one of the more fun guys to listen to in an awful long time." Hey, as long as he's honest.

Teen injured after setting own shorts afire repeatedly
"Each one of them participated by their own free will," [the police] said. "Being totally stupid is not a crime."