Saturday, February 15, 2003

Trapeze Artist Attacks Rival with Castration Tongs
They use tongs for that?! That's cold, dude.

A $250,000 automatic public pay toilet, 25 cents per visit
This actually sounds pretty cool. But how to prevent it from getting taken over by the homeless?

Obviously done by a Google hater, but still a few interesting facts about your favorite search engine. Oh, they also bought Pyra Labs, creator of Blogger, the blogging service I use.

Friday, February 14, 2003

U.S.: Put Cloth on Mouth, Wash Hands if Attacked
Just like the masks that pop down when an airplane goes down will really help. Who knew duct tape was so powerful?

Who exactly is St. Valentine anyway? Apparently a priest during Roman times, possibly a martyr as well. How romantic.

Bittersweet chocolate - Chocolate by the sweat of slave children's brows?

Found a 24 weblog. Although I have my doubts to its entertainment value when the first question I see posted is "Whatever happened to Jack’s sofa?" But good for the links.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

CIA director says global nuclear arms race looms
Didn't we finally get over this? All the war stuff in the news gets me a little nervous, or incredulous, like "we're going to be in a war?"
You can design your own shoes here. Sweet.

Rented and returned The Score, which is one of those slick heist movies with the obligatory doublecross plot twist at the end. It still was enjoyable, and it made me think Robert DeNiro has done these sorts of movies lately, like Heat, or Ronin.

Kobe8 sticks fitty-one on the Nuggets
In 31 minutes, too. Stuff like this only happens when you're in the zone. The zone is when you're playing sports (altho I suppose it could happen in other things too, but I've never experienced it outside of sports) and suddenly everything seems to slow down, like your brain and your body found another gear up, and you end up doing something you've never done before, and you wonder, where the heck did that come from? It's only happened to me maybe half a dozen times in all the billions of pickup basketball games I've played, and once playing volleyball. It felt like I hit some perfect biomechanical rhythm and it locked in, and I couldn't miss a shot or I could suddenly see all the angles of the court to hit the volleyball down into. And you can't control when it happens either. I ended up geting lucky and it happened in some little bball tournaments and we ended up winning them. The funny thing is that I'm far from being any sort of athlete, I just used to play a lot of sports. But I thought, I got to see the world like Michael Jordan does for a half second. Ha.

That's not the sky falling in Santa Cruz, Chicken Little. Disgusting. But funny.

Rob Neyer wrote about the 10. worst. baseball teams. ever.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

I don't agree with all of it, but not exactly what I want to hear right about now.

So after watching 24, I flipped around and found the Westminster Kennel Dog Show. The best part is not watching the dogs, but the demurely dressed owners, usually old ladies, forced to run around in a circle, huffing and puffing, to show off their dogs. Imagine being in your Sunday best, running next to a dog, in front of thousands of people. So yeah, I kept watching it. You wonder if they use the giant laundry machine that cleans dogs (with video).

I am looking for music to purchase. "Kind of Blue" and Smashing Pumpkins' "Greatest Hits" are on the short list.

Hmm. A long read, and from the Journal of Crap I Already Know, but Michael Spencer echoes a lot of my own opinions on why evangelicals are so hated.

Honestly. I'm going to move the blog to my own webspace. Sometime. Soon. Something. If I can get the archiving crap figured out. Or I might move it to Xanga.

I almost don't care if I get into Northwestern. Cuz I am getting hassle about not having an academic reference, and because I know I can get into UIC for cheaper anyway.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

'Dell Dude' Arrested on Drug Charge
Slow news day.

So in commemoration of the impending holiday (no not Lincoln's Birthday) I thought I'd muse a little about what I've been thinking about relationships lately. Most of us have an idea of what we're looking for, and we make changes to that as we grow and change with time. I have a bit of nurturing streak, which often fits nicely with the women I meet, who are usually younger and sort of receptive to that kind of thing. I've had my friends ask me if I would date one of these younger women but I'd have to say no. While I do foresee having a nurturing relationship with my wife (probably mutually nurturing), I do want her to challenge me on things, to rattle my cage a little bit, if that makes sense. I think this is very being different than your spouse is helpful, because it makes you grow to accomodate the differences. Whereas in the nurturing relationships I have with younger folk, I don't feel like that "challenging" aspect would be fulfilled, or wouldn't be as likely to be fulfilled. Anyway. But I could be totally wrong about it, too.

How to build a laser
Ill-tempered fish not included.

Monday, February 10, 2003

The Ultimate Handbook
Pretty geeky, but I liked looking through the plays and stuff. Not like I'll ever get to use 'em.

The NBA All-Star Game must be one of the worst non-event event in sports. The only good thing was seeing Black Jeezus hitting the rainbow fadeaway from the right baseline at the end of the first OT. Otherwise, it was an Alias night. And I'm not happy to see more kissy-face b/t Sidney and Vaughn. They're definitely going to chase away the male viewers they're wanting if they keep that crap up. My buddy David is new to watching the show, so he asked me what the Rimbaldi thing was about. I explained and he conveyed his hope that when they put the Rimbaldi pieces together, that it ends up being Voltron or something. Ha.

Liechtenstein for rent
They can call it U.S. Cellular Microsoft Disney FOX Megaworld.

Weekend was busy, actually worked for most of Saturday, although I didn't mind it too much. I was pretty wasted for Sunday tho, since I got in late Sat. from hanging out. But it was nice to have a cigar.

Sumo wrestlers to begin safety patrol
"Anybody thinking of committing a crime would run away if they were confronted by a sumo wrestler," Isenoumi Stablemaster Fujinokawa said. Running might be the fatal flaw in all this. Anyway, what would the sumos do about this guy?

Top ten retro sports jerseys. Apparently, ugly is good. The Stan Musial jersey looks pretty sweet, tho.

Bring on baseball. Summer feels that much closer when spring training rolls around.