Thursday, March 20, 2003

The war is on. Saddam, just give up soon, man.

In completely unrelated news, i moved my blog to a new location. Enjoy. Tell me if it sucks.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Nobel Peace laureate for intervention in Iraq
A pro-war editorial from Nobel laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel.

In Defense of Twinkies
Still healthier than bacon, according to the article. In other news, stabbing still worse than poisoning. But anything's better than two moms pepper spraying each other at school.

Went with a few friends to go see Bend It Like Beckham, kind of on a whim. I know Phil Yu already mentioned this on his blog. It was very entertaining, about an Indian girl in London who wants to go play soccer but her parents are against it, because of traditional Indian cultural roles for women. Lots of My Big Fat Greek Wedding style comedy and non-cheesy feel-good stuff. Nothing particularly original or groundbreaking, but still with some good thoughts about people trying to understand each other.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Had a Guinness. Didn't have a Shamrock Shake, although I really want one, now that I think about it. Strong Bad doesn't have time, he's playing video games.

Saddam and friends have 48 hours to leave the premises. Please, please get out of there dude.

Monday, March 17, 2003

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Some pool hall near me is offering free pool all day Monday, which sounds awfully tempting.

Bin Laden niece envisions career as pop singer
Yeah. I've always wanted to dunk, too. Speaking of crazy things that can never happen, NFL QB prospect Kyle Boller can throw a football over 50 yards on his knees. Damn.

I'm sure everyone by now has heard about the Dixie Chicks dissing Dubya at one of their concerts, and country radio stations pulling their album from airplay. I'm not arguing their right to do it, but the punishment doesn't seem to fit the crime. Apparently country fans are in a huff that the Dixies are not being "patriotic" enough. And I despise more comment like this: "The emotion of the callers telling us about their fathers and sons and brothers who are overseas now and who fought in previous wars was very specific," said Jim Jacobs, president of Jacobs Broadcast Group.

Now, I've never been in a war, but from everything I gather, it's a pretty terrible damn thing. I've talked to veterans and none of them speak about their war experience like the way me and my buddies banter about going to college together. If the peril of fighting doesn't kill them on the battlefield, then often the emotional scars do afterwards. All of those soldiers overseas, I hope they get home in one piece, because they are too precious a sacrifice for whatever it is we're fighting. Yet, in some circles, I would be considered "unpatriotic" for this opinion; a spineless cowering liberal America-hater. I just don't understand why.

Anyway. Alias was ok. The Rambaldi plotline looks like it is coming to a close. My mom made the (true) observation that all the female characters, aside from Sydney, are turncoats and completely unreliable. Also, I love Marshall, but that stuttering Rainman thing he does is getting really tired and old.

I am shamelessly stealing a link from Phil Yu's blog: Larry vs. The Bus

Drafted my second fantasy baseball team on Sunday. Here are the results by round:
1. Pujols, 3b/1b
2. Tejada, SS
3. Mulder, SP
4. Mussina, SP
5. Burrell, OF
6. Foulke, RP
7. Castillo, 2b
8. Konerko, 1b
9. Dunn, OF/1b
10. Clemens, SP (I can't believe I took a 40 yr old pitcher. Ugh.)
11. Julio, RP
12. Roberts, OF
13. Dye, OF
14. Marrero, C
15. Looper, RP
16. Lee, OF
17. Radke, SP
18. Lilly, SP
19. Phelps, DH
20. Villafuerte, RP
21. Johnson, C

I have to get rid of Clemens, no matter what, hopefully for an upgrade at OF.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Athletics say they will not re-sign Miguel Tejada after season
It seems really bizarre to make it a public statement like this. The owners also say they're not going to trade him either. They're just gonna let this guy, coming off an MVP-caliber season at age 27, play it out and just let him go. What'll they do with Eric Chavez when he comes up for free agency after next season? Not a good day for A's fans.

Funniest thing heard over the weekend was SNL's Weekend Update commenting on those asinine "freedom" fries:
"In other news, American cheese sold in France now renamed 'idiot' cheese."

For you font geeks, a font based on George Harrison's handwriting, for the ultimate in spooky fan worship/check forgery.

My inner geek wants to watch the Children of Dune special on SciFi, but I have to tape Alias. I'm sure I can download it on the web somewhere anyway.

Dang. It was *gorgeous* outside today.