Friday, October 18, 2002

Toilet Swallows Hand After Shower Slip
Like a nightmare come true. If it were me, I would've been hyperventilating, wondering what other awful thing from my dreams would come to life. Augh! But sometimes you dream of cool things.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Scientists Confirm Massive Black Hole in Milky Way
Am I the only one waiting for the announcement that they've finally gone into the black hole, and what they discovered inside was a bunch of unpaired socks, some spare change, Elvis, and Jimmy Hoffa, etc. Ok, I'm the only one.

Watched Spy Game last night. Wished I'd gotten around to it earlier. Dunno if it's worthy of DVD purchase.

Famous Photographer Fed Up with 'Hollywood Bimbos'
Most red-blooded young men not really feeling this guy's pain.

Spider-Man DVD offer
If your first name is "Peter", will give you an added $5. If your last name is "Parker", will give you the Spider-Man DVD or VHS free.

The Official Accountant Webpage
This is getting out of hand.

Time to dip into the mailbag.
Milk protest turns sour -- from alert reader Mike
THICKE (yes, Alan Thicke has a son, and he's a rockstar) -- from alert reader Jill

Why do I think crap like this is interesting? Or this.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Fried Twinkie Fad Hits Arkansas
This is too horrible to even fathom.

Wallace and Gromit Return
The subtle pleasure of claymation-looking animation, done well enough to appeal to all ages. W&G DVDs would be a good investment for those with children.

A mummified duckbill dinosaur discovered in Montana has revealed how the creature looked 77 million years ago — down to the texture of its skin and the contents of its stomach, scientists say. (with picture)

Thought screen helmet
I can stop just talking about it and actually have one.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

That Flaming Hair Could Mean Flaming Pain - Study
Watch out Todd, Jill.

Give us $47 once every two months. We mail something to you. You take it home to your woman. You take all the credit. Separating myself from how fake this site is, how hard can giftbuying for women be? Strappy shoes, chocolate, wine, scented candles. Better learn before I'm 35.

Microsoft pulls ad after Internet faux pas
More evidence that truth in advertising is dying (like you didn't know). Here's the ad in question in the article (thanks, Google cache). But it's not all sad news in advertising land: Dude, you're fired.

Pavarotti: not enough food in world
Maybe a little ironic, but who better to understand what an awful thing going without food might be.

Monday, October 14, 2002

Respect the Rally Monkey
I can't believe the Angels are going to the World Series. I remember going to Angels games way back when, when idiots like Tony Armas and Claudell Washington roamed the outfield, and Jack Powell and Dick Schofield stumbled around in the infield. I remember a Wally Joyner grand slam landing just out of my reach (in the bullpen) when I sat in the bleachers with my dad. The friggin Angels. The most bland, generic, no-nothing team ever created, is going to the World Series. Hope for the White Sox after all. Angels better win it this year, tho, cuz they're not built for the long haul, and who knows when you'll get this lucky again.

Web Site dedicated to Guitar Face: A Horrible, Disfiguring Condition
Ever think about something, and then a few days later run across the answer to what you were thinking about? I love the Internet.
NOTE: David Johanson has no detectable guitar face. He's pretty calm looking. He actually sometimes turns away from the audience.

I was reading the book reviews section of the newspaper today, and came across one for a new historical work (Mary Beth Norton's In the Devil's Snare) about the Salem witch trials. One might wonder why the Salem witch hunts got so out of control, considering witch accusations had happened in the area before, but never to that level. The author contends that between the ravages of living through a harsh winter and the constant and deadly threat of Indian attack, the Salem community was on edge, and when the first accusations were made, the atmosphere was ripe for it to snowball out of control. Community leaders, sensing the opportunity to place the blame on a convenient outside threat to draw focus away from their own failures in defending the community, jumped on the bandwagon, invoking the spiritual rhetoric of witchcraft, fueled on by the affected citizens testifying to visions with "Indians dancing with witches," and who knows how many innocent lives were ruined. All that to say (and this might be too big of a leap), it got me to start thinking about our current national leadership, and how it so eagerly leaps to single out one specific enemy, and to heap all the blame on it, using spiritual rhetoric.

Or maybe I had drank too much coffee when I was reading the paper. should come in handy when I get a new job.

Wolf was the TV highlight of the weekend. Heh. How can anyone take a movie with Jack Nicholson pretending to be a wolf (with all the requisite fake teeth, lurching walk, and running on all fours) seriously? Like the one scene where he hunts down the deer in the forest. Do I laugh? Is it supposed to be scary? I don't know what to do.