Friday, October 11, 2002

I wasn't going to post but then I ran across the Web's First Japanese Pizza Page. Anything with "abomination for mankind" in the description piques my interest. Makes me want some Lou Malnati's deep-dish. Mmmmm.

Plan to bring back the red-legged frog will only cost $10 mill. Like Groundskeeper Willie says, "If I don't save the wee little turtles, who will?"

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Cat Toilet Danger
The music is a nice touch.

Just in time for Halloween: Hoodlum-welding wear
All of our helmets are C.E. approved! My personal favorite is the "Patriotic Gorilla."

I'm really uninspired. I need to go do something to get my mind going, again. (Bungee-jumping?) Just reading is not doing it. I think I should have taken the suggestion to go volunteer more seriously, lest I turn into one of those couch-potato liberals who want to save the world but don't do anything about it. ("Turn into"? Ack). I am buying a GRE study book tomorrow.

Life can be this constant discovery of what a disappointment you really are. To be this disappointed, I must be really really gifted, or really really delusional.

Just one of those days.

From the Bozeman Chronicle
The Bozeman Police reports for Tuesday included the following:

• A man in a chicken suit and a man in a cow suit were reportedly wandering around a parking lot on South 11th Avenue at 12:45 a.m. Tuesday. The man in the cow suit was allegedly wearing an afro wig.
What happened to my afro wig? One of my blogreaders must know.

HAUNTED by spirits
Keith Age, 39, founder of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society, has spent 20 years investigating the paranormal but says he's never seen a ghost. Hmm. He must have discovered how to be allergic to work forever.

Stupid Korean sighting:
A 24-year-old South Korean man died after playing computer games nonstop for 86 hours, said police on Wednesday. Death may be sweet, but I'm not going out like that.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Hey, you like techno?
There's no reason why this should be funny to anybody, except that the main character's voice sounds like my buddy Jorge.

Pumpkin explodes at competition
Awesome. How fat does a pumpkin have to be to lose structural integrity?

What IS this? Amy Jo Johnson | the official music web site

Jobless get their own reality TV show
It's been a hard year everywhere.

As much as I swore to myself to never watch baseball again, I am back watching the playoffs. Which only makes my nerdy mind itch for the latest season's complete statistics. Which is a nice segue to plug the best baseball stat site out there, Everything a seamhead could want, and it's free on top of that.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Object Found Beyond Pluto's Orbit
And it wasn't the pass Brett Favre threw for the first score last night.

It's not a matter of if, but when. Here's the complete text of what Dubya said last night, which is mostly (sic) "I am going to bomb yer ass real good, Saddam." From the future, I think we'll look back on this and say what was the big deal. Cuz I suspect that things like this have been done before, just not publicized. Or I've been reading too many spy novels. Or maybe Big Brother is watching you.

What IS this? I just realized that my family doesn't do Halloween. My mom shuts the house down, we all go out for dinner and come back late at night when all the little kiddies have gone home. Kinda sad for the little kids, I guess, but as my mom puts it, what is Halloween celebrating? Eating lots of candy? Dressing up like monsters? What is that? My mom, the paragon of practicality.

Hey! I'm one of the Presurfer's "Favourite Blogs." I am SO cool. Even though like half the links on any given day are from there.

My brother is an awesome kid. It makes me happy that he's out there at college, and people are going to find out how awesome he is. Cuz only a few people, like my fam, and some of his HS friends, know. It makes me smile to think about it. How much can you get buoyed by vicarious happiness? Depending on the person, I think I could get by on it for quite some time.

Some of my friends are going to have their first babies soon. It only reminds me that I am veerrryyy far from that place. But it's ok; I have other things that can rightfully push that down the list of life goals at this point.

I wish I could play bass. I should start learning.

Song stuck inside me: not really a song, but the opening riff to that White Stripes song, "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground"

Monday, October 07, 2002

E-Mail Worm Continues to Spread
The worm, known as W32.Bugbear, or I-Worm.Tanatos, infects computers that use Microsoft's Windows operating systems. It was first spotted a week ago and has spread to dozens of countries.

Once a machine is infected, a hacker could steal and delete information from it.

Some subject lines for the e-mail are "bad news," "Membership Confirmation," "Market Update Report," and "Your Gift." More details at Snopes, as well.

When was leather adopted as the standard for upholstery? This weekend, we inherited a huge L-shape sectional couch. Like most couches, it's all leather. But leather sucks, because it's hot and sticky in the summer, cold in winter, and you slide right off it. Leather for car interiors are considered high-class. What's the deal, given leather's drawbacks? You wonder about stuff like this when you spend lots of time sitting on said couch.

James Earl Jones will voice Darth Vader in Star Wars 3. Proper.

Burn your genes on CD -- for $500,000
I think it's a telling indicator of our technoholic culture that we see our genes as "code." Anyway. You know what would be a cool invention? I've often wished for this while driving. I think windshields on vehicles should have some sort of LCD property, so you can have text or low-res images appear on the windshield as you drive. So you can use a cellphone or a PDA to send messages, which would come in useful when you want to verbally rough up the jerk who just cut you off in traffic. So basically, I want technology to provide me a more efficient method of venting my spleen to somebody.