Friday, January 24, 2003

Parents shocked after scout camp features Nazis chasing Jews
How do I say this? MORONS. I'm afraid to ask what their other games are. My buddy Dave and I were talking about despite all the cultural differences, religious, and philosophical differences people might have, it's a universal fact that Hitler is a bad guy. Other people you might say well, maybe they had a bad childhood, maybe they were misunderstoof. But at any mere mention of Hitler, and it's, oh that guy's pure unadulterated evil, no hesitation on anyone's part.

Finally finished my grad essays. Just gotta hand that bad boy in today. Which will segue nicely into a stress-free weekend.

Kim Jong Il Unfolds Into Giant Robot
Sweet, sweet Onion.

Christopher Walken hosting SNL at the end of February. Ooh, and Jennifer Garner the week before. Yow.

NFL Linebackers Prone to Sleep Disorder - Study
Just in time for the Super Bowl. Watch yo'self, Bill Romanowski.

Super Bowl pick? I'm just hoping for a good game, and some good food when I get there. I'm going with the Buccaneers, with the defense scoring at least once. Despite how unbearable Keyshawn, Warren Sapp, and Jon Gruden will be if they win.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Junk Food Diet Brings Scurvy to Modern Age
We used to always make fun of people with a sickly-yellowish tint to their skin of having scurvy. Boy were we right.

The best 404 notice ever (for you Strong Bad and Homestar Runner fans).

Todd Hertz alerted me this story a few days ago. Seems like the nerd community has its collective tighties in a twist because a judge ruled that Xmen weren't human. I say to them the same thing I told a kid who told me he was learning how to speak Elvish: "It's not real."

White Sox signed a few relievers to shore up the bullpen (good). What's gotten into Kenny Williams lately? Marlins signed Pudge Rodriguez, 1 year, $10mil. (Bad for the Marlins, good for Pudge)

No more posting for a bit. I have to finish my &^^%$#^%$&**^ grad application.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

A rather slow day in stupidity:
- Robin Hood is Bigfoot
- Michael Jackson's face to be the topic of a whole edition of NBC's Dateline
- Hockey coach rips out mascot's tongue. Ha.
- Britney Spears in Die Hard 4?

So I was able to get a job, finally. Just some admin kinda stuff, but perfect for someone working and going to school. Whew. Now just have to get the application done.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

CD Lawsuit Could Earn You $20
Revisiting a previous blog entry. Get your $20 to get another, I dunno, CD.

Find out more about children raised by wolves. Why is it that wolves are always the ones?

More irritating LOTR spinoff crap: LOTR Personality Test
It says I'm Galadriel. That stinks. At least I could survive in the wilderness.

Dropped Ed off at school, the house feels considerably emptier.

Monday, January 20, 2003

Driving my brother back to school today. What stinks is that we might not leave until almost noon, which means I'll probably get home 6 or 7 at the earliest. Stinks. Weekend was fun, visiting the Rawls family (I've never seen 4 kids in the same household get along so well) and watching football. Buccaneers vs. Raiders was probably the best possible Super Bowl matchup from the 4 conference finals participants. It's gonna be a long, slow February after the Super Bowl is over.
Lots of tests to speed along a slow Monday. Or you can play this little puzzle game.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

Researchers Translate DNA Code As Music
I find this strangely intriguing, although a little disappointed that it only sounds like so much Muzak.

Haha. I forgot how actually funny Jack Handy's Deep Thoughts are.

Card Trick Central, to make sure nobody ever plays cards with you ever again.

Doh! Groening's Guide to Digital Cartooning
An interesting brain-pick of Simpsons creator Matt Groening.

No One Disturbs Mystery of Poe Visitor
Yet another thing that I realize only I might find cool. It'd be cool if someone left cognac at my grave. Nothing says high-class like cognac.