Monday, July 22, 2002

Sick of Hangovers? Try a 'Volcanic' Pill
Six pills before going out? This stuff ain't Recancostat, that's for sure.

Picture in picture. Discoveries like this is what fuels the metal-detector-on-the-beach crowd. Do those people ever really find anything? Look! A tin can! Hoo boy, an old tire!

It's been a hectic weekend, with friends flying in from out of town, gathering before we head off on a bus for World Youth Day in Toronto. I'm already short on sleep, and we haven't headed off yet, but I'm looking forward to some spiritual rejuvenation (who doesn't) and to spend quality time with a group of people who've become an extended family to me. Which reminds me, I need to buy new headphones, because I'd rather listen to Radiohead instead of a cracked-voice choir of "99 Bottles of Beer."

Crazy-ass Japanese people can never find enough to do.

A friend once said to me that if she gets to a ripe old age and still finds herself single, and there is nothing left to lose but her pride, then she's going to drop all her inhibitions and do whatever the hell she wants. Talk to all the boys she was too afraid to talk to, try all the things she was too chicken to try, etc. (Which sort of begs the questions of why she's not doing that NOW, if that's what she really wants to do). Looks like there already is a likeminded subculture in place, waiting for her with open arms when she's rid of those pesky inhibitions.

I called Genie out of the blue today, and she mentioned that she had read the blog. Then I get an email from Josh Chang, "suggesting" some additions to it, mostly Josh's self-aggrandizing kind of material. My reaction is always "how did you find me?" I'm gonna start longing for the day back when there was only 3 of you reading this thing. I don't really need the extra attention, you should really devote it to this guy.

See y'all on the 29th.