Friday, February 07, 2003

Catholics Flock to Fence-Post Virgin Mary
Sure looks like a fence post to moi. But hey, if it helps people deal with their fears or whatever easier, then I'm for it.

Watched a little bit of Lakers vs. Knicks this evening, just in time to watch Kobe put a sick crossover on the right baseline to ditch Sprewell, come around under the hoop and slam it home, on the way to 44 pts. Next trip down, Spree sticks a 3 with Kobe in his grille. The NBA sucks, but the mano-a-mano stuff is still good.

Burt Bacharach joins Dr Dre
Stuff like this is exactly why we can't afford to lose Will Ferrell from SNL.

Coming soon to a bridal boutique near you: LOTR wedding gear
My friend Katie will FREAK when she hears about this. On a semi-related note, here are Arthurian biographies from, rather informative, and nice pics.

I'm sure everyone by now has heard about the Matrix video games. Here's CNN's take, and the official website.

I didn't know Raiders of the Lost Ark had deleted scenes. DVD!

I gotta work on Saturday. Those accursed Winterfest registrations. Have a good weekend.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Powell Presents Evidence Against Iraq
Which was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen on TV, catching a bit of it before going to work. Court drama at its highest, with Powell laying out the evidence for the world to see. I'm all for peace, but it looks like that's less likely as time passes. N. Korea reactivated its nuclear facilities today. Not that the impending war in Iraq is any less serious, but I still have a lot of family back in Korea, living near Seoul, who would definitely be in danger if it came to war.

Anyway. Sorry to be so heavy. Back to the insanity. The left lens of my glasses popped out right in the middle of doing something at work. I lucked out by not losing the tiny little screw that keeps the frame together and managed to put it back in. I had nightmares of driving all the way home furiously squinting through one eye. I guess I really do might need new glasses, tho earlier I fought off the urge to get those new trendy square-rimmed ones.

Scientist invents invisibility cloak
Riiiiiiggghhhtt. Thanks for the heads up goes to bored web surfer Mike Herman.

One of my friends was talking to me about her situation with her boyfriend and Valentine's Day. For the rest of us, presents Bittersweets. Or maybe you'd be more interested in the Tasmanian Devil Dump. For just $35, even.

Song stuck in my head: "Never Let Me Down Again" by Depeche Mode. Ever since I heard it yesterday at David's place after he bought their '86-'98 Singles album.

Zwan's new album is good on first listen. Billy Corgan is taking his Prozac more often, or got married, or found God, or maybe just found a new angle to make us buy his album. Seems like a summer album, to me. You know, those songs that somehow conjure up long warm days doing nothing but driving around in the car with your friends with the windows down. You know, the weather that is pretty much nothing like right now in Chicago. Ha.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

So I went to bed last night without blogging. So I will try posting this morning.

It's nice to see the sun finally. You might think that's dumb, but in the middle of a Chicago winter, it's nothing to sneeze at.

I realized yesterday how really GOOD it feels to be working. Life doesn't feel like such a waste anymore.

Ashton Kutcher as the next Superman?! Say it ain't so. And the latest casting insanity involving Die Hard 4 (Britney Spears, Ozzy, etc).

Golf-cart driver takes police for ride
More importantly, Harley-Davidson makes a golf cart? This reminds me of the craziest golf cart story that I've ever heard. My friend Rob used to work out at a huge golf course out in California. One slow day, he decided he wanted to go feed the geese out in one of the back ponds of the course. He takes one of the carts, but one with a little trailer hook up thing attached, so it's a golf cart pulling this little trailer deal.

He's driving on an unpaved paths back to the ponds, which is overgrown with weeds so he gets whacked in the face constantly as he's going. He looks left and sees a big open field, and decides that it would be easier to cut across the field than keep driving on the unpaved path. Now, my buddy forgets that it'd been raining for a few days, and sure enough, he gets about maybe halfway across the field before the cart/trailer deal he's driving gets stuck in the mud. He floors the gas pedal; no dice. He realizes that he has to abandon the cart/trailer and hike it back to the pro-shop to get a truck to tow out the carts. Of course, the mud in the open field forces him to lose both his sandals and he's covered in mud and grass up to his waist by the time he gets back.

He gets his buddy to drive out his 4x4 to where he left the carts and they try to pull them out, but no luck. They end up waiting a week for the mud to dry up before they can get the carts out again. So the carts are just sitting there for a week, in the middle of this open field. They get a bulldozer and finally haul the things out of there, at which point, Rob, ever helpful, volunteers to clean up the carts. Like, who cares who cleans up the cart at that point? And all this because he wanted to feed the geese cuz he was bored.

So maybe it wasn't that funny, but he told it to me at like 4 AM on New Year's Eve, so maybe you had to be there.

I think I'm going to move the blog to my own webspace, because I can't get the archives to work.

Monday, February 03, 2003

Bruce, the world's biggest goldfish, ever.
But why does he have a bumpy head?

New Strong Bad email.

What's in your Navel? Some sort of online magazine.

It feels really good to be working. I wonder if I'll still be saying the same thing in a years.
Exhausting weekend spent with 47 junior high schoolers in a basement of a retreat center. Exhausting, but worthwhile. I often volunteer to help at these things and I end up being more renewed by it than the kids. It feels good to help people, and even better helping kids, feels like it can have a greater effect.

We did hear about the space shuttle tragedy a bit late though, which was sad.

I think I might go in late to work today.